Breakfast with Fred

Have Breakfast with Fred

Fred Smith, Sr. was known as a man of great integrity, strength, insight, and thought. This website is his legacy for leaders who follow behind, wanting to be men and women of wisdom. His lifetime friends included evangelist Billy Graham among many other business and ministry leaders. He was known as mentor and friend to men such as Zig Ziglar, Ramesh Richard, Steve Brown, and Ken Blanchard.

Fred’s influence through speaking, mentoring, writing, and consulting impacted men and women worldwide. As an inaugural contributor to Leadership Journal, he mentored a generation of pastors and ministry leaders — and continues to do so through his archived writings. In his late 80s he continued mentoring through, reaching an international audience.

He and Mary Alice were married for 67 years before her death in 2004. They were the parents of three adult children, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. At the age of 92, Fred passed away on August 17, 2007.