Take control and accept personal responsibility for your own health care. When you are equipped with reliable information about nutrition, exercise, diseases, medical conditions and available resources you can be a better health team leader. Consider your doctor, pharmacist, therapist, dietitian or nutritionist, diabetes educator or personal trainer to be consultants or counselors that provide expertise and advise you on how to best manage your own health and well-being.

Getting the right information and knowing what you should do to be more healthy is not enough for most people to achieve their goals. Having the right attitude is also important. Find tips and tools that can help change your heart.

I have be very blessed over the years with a great career and wonderful experiences in nutrition and diabetes management so now I felt it is time to give back. Within this portal is a wealth of information, tips, resources and guidance to help those struggling to improve their health, better manage their blood sugars, and to control their weight. All of this costs you nothing.

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