Sports Nutrition Fact Sheets

Sports Nutrition Fact Sheets: A Trusted Resource

SD-USA is pleased to offer Sports Nutrition Fact Sheets on topics of interest to sports dietitians, exercise professionals, athletes, and the general public.

The fact sheets provide timely, accurate, applied information and guidance authored and edited by SCAN Registered Dietitians (RDs). Reproduction of the fact sheets is permitted for educational purposes with credit granted to SCAN. Reproduction for sales purposes is not authorized.

Intensive Training and Sports Specialization in Young Athletesveggie bike

Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness – American Academy of Pediatrics


Smart Nutrition for Wrestling & Gymnastics

Wrestling Nutrition and Weight Control

The key to developing wrestling potential are a healthy, balanced diet, acquiring the needed wrestling skills, proper conditioning and getting adequate rest. By following sound advice about wrestling nutrition and weight control, wrestlers can improve their performance on the mat and in the classroom.

Weight Management, Nutrition & Energy Needs for Gymnastics

Gymnastics includes seven disciplines and each has its own challenges and problems with weight management. Some athletes require building of body mass, muscle and power, while others need strength and flexibility on a small frame.